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Greentech International was created to provide international services while delivering best products at affordable prices to all of our resellers in order to help you promote your company and increase your overal revenue.

We do the hard work for you by finding products which are difficult to be found or be orderd for a small quantity and make them available to you at a specific low price or giving you the opportunity to make us a counter-offer on the one we propose

If you think we can serve you in any other way, please contac us and inform us of how you wish us to help you


A] We buy and sell a wide range of products like Houshold, MDA, SDA, Deco, Kichenware & Tableware, IT & Electronics . Aiming for the best buying price but with small order quantity, plays a huge role in the final price you will offer to your clients. We can buy what you want in affordable prices, making your prices in your local market competitive.

B] We also offer you the chance to sell your stock to us , having us channeling it in the broader market. In this way you gain cash flow and the opportunity to buy new products instantly which you can sell them in competitive prices at your local market


Special, Unigue, Rare or difficult to find products, or even products you need but cant be ordered in small quantities are no problem to us. Our experienced team can find anything you need and provide them to your local market with the best prices at all times. We take your request of rare and difficult products as a challenge and we always complete them with success.

For a specific item you want us to find for you please fill in the form here


Having the most experienced working for Greentech, seeking constantly for the best products at the best prices and as Greentech being able to buy large quantities of products, we assure you will get the best prices in the market. By having to buy products at low prices gives you the benefit of adding a reasonable profit but still have your prices the best prices in your local market.

If you wish for any further assistance or information on how all these work you may contact with us by filling the form here


In case of a big project you wish to submit an offer proposal but you don’t have the stock needed, we can submit your offer on your behalf and raise your chance in taking the project. At all times we are going to be in constant contact to review every aspect of the proposal before submitting it.


Spreading our activities all around the world, we are in position to make a market research on your behalf and find you new markets to sell your products, as well as new markets to buy from, always in the best prices of the market.
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Ptolemaiou klavdiou 8 Athens 10442, Greece

Tel:0030 2111038080
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Tel:0030 2111038080
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